Year in Review 2022

Get behind me Covid!

In 2022, I took advantage of our regained freedom of movement to lay the groundwork for more adventures. 

Here are a few highlights from the previous year:

  • Attended 1 year of culinary school in Colombia
  • Established a chicken egg farm business in Colombia
  • Invested in farm livestock and crops in Colombia
  • Acquired a motorcycle and driver’s license in Colombia
  • Acquired a personal residence and a vehicle in Colombia
  • Started a coffee and chocolate supplier network in Colombia
  • Sold products to Latino customers remotely in the USA
  • Learned firsthand the dangers of lax cybersecurity policies while working remotely for an ex-employer in the USA
  • Grew my network in the USA

The most significant benefit of the experiences in Colombia is my new ability to communicate effectively in Spanish. I feel uniquely positioned to engage in social and economic opportunities in the US and most of the Western Hemisphere.

For year 2023, I’ve set my sights back on the USA to maintain home bases in 2 different countries which introduces more opportunities, provides redundancy to manage risks, and incorporates constant adventure into the mix.

Freedom is a Choice,

Lee Miles

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